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Rodney DeCroo

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War Torn Man coverWar Torn Man

Out in CD version on Northern Electric, War Torn Man is a beauty. Rodney DeCroo hails from working man's country: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (picture The Deer Hunter). Born into a devout and hard working family, the DeCroos came to Canada when Rodney's father decided not to re-up for a second tour of Vietnam. When Rodney's not touring, he's recording… and sometimes he's doing both. Case in point, War Torn Man, dedicated to his father, was recorded on tour at Edmonton's legendary Sidetrack Cafe. The CD captures Rodney in his natural element - on stage and on the road.

The Songs

Side A

  1. Standing in the Doorway
  2. Leechburgh
  3. Sheltering Sky

Side B

  1. Rain Rain
  2. When I Was A Boy
  3. Wide Open Heart
  4. War Torn Man

Rodney is joined by Jon Wood (electric guitar), Linda McRae (bass), and Ed Goodine (drums). Recorded straight off the board at the Sidetrack by Graham J. Caddel. Mastered by Jon Wood.

Cover Painting by Hugh Williamson. Design by Richard Chapman. Silk screening by Ian Tiles.

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